Natural Wood Tek backs up all our work with the best products and supplies on the market. Some of these are listed here.

You can see some of our designs on our New Homes page. We are proud to work with many innovative companies, which develop the most beautiful, liveable log home designs on the market today. Moreover, many home designs can be adapted to fit any floor plan.

Timber-Tek UV is a smooth blend of natural oil resins and state of the art additives using pure water as a carrier instead of flammable solvents. Wood no longer needs to “season” before being treated, and with low VOC’s it’s safe for the environment. The Timber-Tek UV system offers a complete product line for exteriors, decks and older homes. A selection of transparent tints allows you to choose just the right color. Custom colors are also available. Visit Timber-Tek’s website for more information.

Lok-Wood manufactures a penetrating wood sealant formulated specifically for the Pacific Northwest climate. A soy-modified, long-oil alkyd coating, the sealant uses a tung oil extender to provide long-lasting water resistance and beauty. A special copolymer resin extends the life of the coating, while an enhanced environmental package protects the exterior of your log home from the ravages of sun, rain, snow and mildew. Lok-Wood’s line of transparent iron oxide tints are available in a range of colors. Visit Lok-Wood’s website for more information.

Natural Wood Tek can provide you with building component products including oly screws and log hawgs (log fasteners) and stacker material. Call us for more information!